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My first book, available now from Parallax Press

Very highly recommended.
— Midwest Book Review
One of the best books I’ve read about the meaning and use of technology. It’s well-written, informed, humble, savvy, entertaining, direct, and useful.
— Howard Rheingold, tech author, teacher and artist
Can there be ‘sacred technology?’ Jon Mitchell convinces us that it is possible in this provocative and deeply spiritual exploration of our high-tech times.
— Rabbi David Wolpe, author and spiritual leader

My clips

Grind Well, Well Grind: Why I’m Returning to the Religion of My Ancestors
Personal blog — March 2017

Using Communication Technologies Mindfully
Utne Reader — March 2015

This Desert Tourist Trap Is Giving People Religious Experiences
Medium — February 2015

Wisdom Has Costs
Burning Man Journal — October 2014

SXSW In A Nutshell: Homeless People As Hotspots
ReadWrite — March 2012
 • “Go read him.” — Tim Carmody, Wired