The First Afterthought

“There is great disorder under heaven; the situation is excellent.”

 — one of history’s biggest lunatics

This thing on? Good.

Given recent perturbations in the blogosphere, it occurred to me that a candidly personal — while decidedly professional — weblog might be useful. You are here. Welcome to Afterthoughts.

This will be a venue for one- and two-way conversations about the Internet for people who work on, in, and/or around it. I will write in the first person, but this is by no means a blog about me. It’s the place where I will be most comfortable talking about the so-called tech industry (as if it’s one monolithic thing) in broad, sweeping terms.

Everything is ablaze!, my creative/madness blog, will remain very much alive. I just felt the need to separate the blogospheric nerdiness from the Burning Man and blasphemy. The blog you’re on, of course, is for the former. You can tell by the punctuation marks. I won’t link across very much, so you can take your pick of one or both flavors.

As always, Twitter will be my primary interface with the world. If you follow me there, you won’t miss anything. That’s @ablaze, by the way.

Thanks for following. Let’s go make the future.