Hi diary. It's me again.

I'm sad because today I tried to go to the wolf party, but they wouldn't let me in. I didn't have an invitation. I got to the door of the big den under the burnt up tree and 3 of the wolves were standing outside. They were laughing. I said "Can I come to your party?" They said "No. You aren't invited." So I walked off and they howled behind me.

At least the walk home was good. Even though it was a full moon (duh... wolf party), it was cloudy, so it was nice and dark and quiet. I could hear all the little things wriggling in the leaves and bushes. But they couldn't hear me because I'm so quiet.

I hate my little legs though. If I had big, strong, hairy legs, maybe those wolves wouldn't think I was so funny looking and they'd let me go to their parties.

Oh well.

So I snuck through the woods and went extra slow and extra sneaky. I went the long way, up the hill and over the creek with the 3 big rocks. I jumped all 3 of the rocks on only one foot and I still didn't make any sound. When I got to the top of the hill, it was covered in leaves, and I slid down on my butt and ROOOOARRRRED all the way because I felt like it.

I just got back to the cave after that. It made me feel better.

Sloane traded me this octopus in a totally cool cave for the above story: