Burning Man Project

I’m working at Burning Man Project as Publisher on the Comm Team.

Ablaze Interactions

I’m solving communication problems for clients who want to repair our world.

Internet Friends

I’m co-hosting a podcast about online life with my friend, Drew Coffman.

Grind Well

I have a daily-ish blog/podcast about my daily-ish practice of mindfulness meditation.

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Blogging is my bread and butter. You can read my blogs on the web or subscribe directly by RSS.

Life blog ()

Life, creativity, and spirituality.

Work blog ()

Work, tech, and media.

Burning Man ()

My articles in the Journal.

Grind Well ()

Meditations on meditation.


I’m not on Twitter anymore, but I publish short posts formerly known as “tweets” on the user-supported pro-web service, Micro.blog. It’s a great community that you should join!

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Jon Mitchell ∞ music

My musical recordings, shows, and collaborations.

Jon Mitchell ๛ writing

My books, articles, and other groups of words.

Ablaze Interactions

My consulting agency, where I talk tech and media.

Stack Exchange

Jon on Mi Yodeya

Judaism Q&A.



My repository of links.