My undergraduate education was a brash experiment. I took everybody up on their promise that it didn't matter what I majored in, that I should follow my bliss and study whatever inspired awe in me. I made up a concentration in Music & Mind, and I dared everybody to let me graduate. I'm glad that worked out.

My senior thesis was a 7-part song cycle called BODYMiND, which I have been proud of intermittently since graduation. I don't really know what you'll think of this thing, but I've decided to make it available to the public in high quality, along with the 20-something page paper explaining what it is. Read the paper first.

Download BODYMiND

The paper, I should say, is somewhat of a joke. Think of it as part of the creative work, rather than as any kind of serious thing. It will give you a good sense of what I was trying to do with the music, and you can judge whether I was successful. Don't cite this paper in any graded academic work, though, or you will get an F.

Oh, well. Here goes.