@brentsimmons Are you familiar with Reading.am and/or the many homespun varieties of feeds people use to share what they′re reading online with minimal friction?

For me this solved the problem of wanting RSS to have a social component, but it needs no centralized back end. People build a reading bot however they want, and they fire it off when they want to tell the internet “I am reading this.” For example, I trigger mine by using Pinboard just the way I normally would, and its RSS feeds feed the bot.

I’ve always thought this practice would flourish more with RSS as a home. A feed of starred items in Evergreen would be enough to build the basics upon, that’s why I thought to mention this. As long as everybody’s bots had RSS feeds, it would be possible to curate them like any other blogs, except that these feeds are what Greeners are reading.

(Sorry if I’m becoming one of those internet people who @s you all the time and you don’t know who I am.)