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Blogging is my bread and butter. You can read my blogs on the web or subscribe directly by RSS.

Life blog ()

Life, creativity, and spirituality.

Work blog ()

Work, tech, and media.

Burning Man ()

My articles in the Journal.


My personal Facebook account is for friends and family only, but I have public pages there for my musical, textual, and professional exploits.

Jon Mitchell āˆž music

My musical recordings, shows, and collaborations.

Jon Mitchell ą¹› writing

My books, articles, and other groups of words.

Ablaze Interactions

My consulting agency, where I talk tech and media.


SoundCloud is the finest tool available to musicians (and journalists) for sharing sounds. You can follow me there for various musical bits and bobs.

Mi Yodeya

Q&A about Jewish practice, tradition, and law.




A mostly-automated feed of what Iā€™m reading on the web.



My repository of all links I find interesting enough to click on at least once.