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Solving communication problems for clients who want to repair our world since 2013.

Information Architecture

Transform your website.
I’ve built sites for popular blogs, famous events, and political candidates.


Tell the right story.
I’m an experienced managing editor and a member of Burning Man‘s comm team.

and Editing

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I’m a published author, have PR experience, and have blogged for big audiences.

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Burning Man Project

I’m working full-time at Burning Man Project, so I’m not taking much client work at the moment, but I’d still love to hear about your projects.


Work samples:

Jon Ossoff for Congress

Ablaze Interactions did the initial web design and content strategy for

Burning Man website redesign

Ablaze Interactions provided content strategy and migration support to Burning Man for its first website redesign in 11 years.

Burning Man Journal redesign

After redesigning, Burning Man and Ablaze Interactions turned the long-standing Burning Blog into a full-fledged publication of record for Burning Man culture.

The Daily Portal

The first Ablaze Interactions product was a prototype one-person web publication. It ran for 12 issues, and there may be more someday. Design by P, engineering by Alex Kessinger, theme by Dima Belitsky.

Some of my clients:

Justin Williams / maker of TED talks ios app and Glassboard

Justin Williams / maker of TED talks ios app and Glassboard

Obligatory testimonial:

“English is hard. made it easy for us by figuring out our app’s story. A++ would hire again”

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