The first drink I ever legally bought myself was a $7 airplane beer on the flight to Burning Man 2008. It was my first time. The theme was The American Dream, and as far as I could tell, this was it. Happy 21st birthday to me.

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Epic Proportions

Burning Man is the best adult playground ever devised, a vast testing ground for one’s resourcefulness, imagination, and sense of adventure, managing to amuse 50,000 or so tech-addled, sleep-deprived, uncomfortable Moderns for up to a week or longer, while keeping them active, eating less, constantly testing their limits, morals, and comfort zones, and providing them with a social arrangement of managed freedom within limits acceptable to the paying participant.

It’s even more fun than college.

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A 100% free blog post about Tim Wu's "New Monopolists."

I won't even pretend to have read Tim Wu's new book, The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires, but I don't like it already. If his column in the Wall Street Journal is any indication, it's a vast oversimplification based on an apples-and-the-color-orange comparison. Consider my review of the column on NewsTrust, in which I respond to the whole thing in-line. You can read Tim Wu along with me from inside my mind. Read my review, in line with Wu's column, here.

The Empathic Civilization

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

This is good to keep in mind. Our civilization is not the best fit for our nature, such as it is. We have empathy in our genes.

The Stone

I am so excited for "The Stone," the New York Times' new Opinionator column on philosophy. I hope it asks simple and fundamental questions, rather than spinning off into aesthete, bouge-y Times wankery. The Times has taken a gamble with this one, and I hope they use it wisely, as a way of illuminating the unexamined assumptions of the status quo. Moderator Simon Critchley's first post, "What Is a Philosopher?", positions "The Stone" as a venue for pushing and criticizing Business As Usual, but it betrays no intellectual commitments that could jeopardize this ambitious project.

We’re Gonna Win This Thing

Yesterday evening, before going out to the GCB to play some extremely weak games of pool, I watched the Alex Jones movie Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama and got really worked up about the human condition. This morning, I watched the above clip from Richard Linklater's Waking Life, just about my favorite movie ever, in order to balance Jones' New World Order nightmare with the positive side of his message. I feel better now.

We don't have to let the banksters sell us down the river. We can resist, can't we?

Let us dedicate some time and energy this Tax Day to thinking about resistance.