Does Burning Man Culture Make Us Feel Better?

The journal Frontiers in Emotion Science, a section of Frontiers in Psychologypublished a paper last month showing that people deal with their emotions differently at Burning Man than they do in the default world.

Read more on the official Burning Man blog.

How [freespace] Challenges Burning Man’s Emergent Principles

In San Francisco Burner circles, close to the source, I often hear the Burner’s Dream expressed thusly: Our dream is to bring the principles we embody out on the playa back to the default world.

Read more on the official Burning Man Blog.


Two New Interviews

I've done a couple more interviews since the launch of The Daily Portal, and they both turned out pretty well. I joined Alex Arena on his 15 Minutes With... podcast to talk about my plans for the site. I also did an article-length interview with Micah Singleton for the relaunch of Current Editorials, where I got a chance to talk more generally about where web publishing is going.


I am not capable of much.
I can barely cook and clean.
I can read and write.
But I can’t feed or clothe myself.
I can’t build my own shelter.
I can’t make an honest living.
But you know what I can do?
I can sit cross-legged
with my eyes closed
for an hour
and be alone
with myself
without losing my mind.