It has been a long night. No one is stirring in camp. It is dark and quiet. As quiet as things get, anyway. The dance still rages on in all directions, but it sounds faint now that you're home again.

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What the Social Web Can Learn from Burning Man

When surrounded by such works of human days and hands that deserve complete attention, framed by a vast and serene natural environment, the last thing I want is for a white number in a red box to pop into my field of vision and distract me.

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Little Stories

That moment when you're leaning against the railing of some art car, dazed, head lolling to the music. It's chilly and late, and you wonder if your night is over. Then again, it isn't up to you. It's up to the driver of this mutant vehicle, and she doesn't seem to be very interested in the 3 o'clock plaza, your corridor back to camp. Your fellow Burner pokes you in the ribs. "Wake up!" he insists.

"I'm awake," you concede.

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Pen Pals

I have a pen pal. We've never met. Not in person, anyway. Well, not in the flesh, I mean. I find it hart to define what constitutes "in person" lately. It seems like a good bit of my person is having an out-of-body experience in a virtual world. And that's where I met my pen pal.

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Why America Slept

The Right Honorable Reverend Billy Talen has written a super-heavy post on the Burning Blog entitled "Why America Slept." It's a doozy of a conversation-starter, and I'm really interested in what the world has to say in response. Please take a gander at Rev. Billy's post, and I encourage you to respond in the comments.

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Babylon Cowboys

I'll never forget the first time I was out by the Temple at high midnight, scribbling something by the dull light of my headlamp, when the flashing red and blue lights of the default world streaked past, causing everyone around me to nearly jump out of their skin.

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