The Portal – A podcast for music lovers

A new portal has opened. 

Welcome to The Portal, a podcast for music lovers. Whether we listen to it, make it, or just sing it in the shower, music matters. My friends and collaborators, Kirk Benttinen and Rebecca Marcyes, and I are going to bring you a weekly conversation about it.

Much music will be played. Many guest stars will appear. We'll do interviews, storytelling, performances, experimental noise-scapes, dramatic readings, whatever sounds are necessary.

We just released Episode 0. We'll release Episode 1 very soon, and at that point, you can expect us once a week. 

Episode 0 – In The Living Room

In our first pod-conversation, we talk about bringing music out of the corporate boardroom and into everybody's living room. Podcasts, too. Here at The Portal, we're into listening to things. This preview episode will give you a sense of what you'll be listening to. At the end, Rebecca plays "That Twangy One," and Jon plays "Being Stuff Together."

You can enter The Portal at Follow us on Twitter at @intheportal. You can also follow my music Facebook page for more.

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