The Dock Podcast


My Internet friend Jamie and I have started a podcast. It’s called The Dock Podcast. Like, the dock on the main screens of Apple devices where the apps go. But also like a tranquil place to sit and watch the waves.

On The Dock Podcast, we discuss what people do with their technology and how they do it. We’re interested in workflows and playflows alike. We happen to be Apple people, but we’re open to anything with circuits. If you do something cool, and you use a computer to do it, we want you to come on our show and talk about it.


Check it out at All the show links and notes are there, and you can subscribe to the feed through RSS or iTunes. You can also follow us on Twitter @TheDockPodcast.

We’ve got three episodes so far. It’s just Jamie and me in those, but we’ve got some great guests lined up, and you’ll hear about them.

Please do visit us on iTunes and leave a rating. We want to reach the people and help them make their stuff work better.

And if you’ve got feedback, which we’d love, email us at dockpodcast [at] gmail DOT com, or hit us up on Twitter @JonMwords@atjamie, or @TheDockPodcast.

We love you!