The Daily Portal is Open

I just opened The Daily Portal.

It's a web publication about the future we're making and what it's doing to us.

I'll post true stories about people and relationships, work and play, art, science, design, and technology, with a little bit of spirituality sprinkled in. It's the stuff we're all thinking about lately.

It doesn't work like a blog. Each issue of The Daily Portal is a collection of posts that go together. If you follow the site, you'll get links to the latest issue when it comes out. The goal is to work up to publishing a new issue every weekday.

The Daily Portal is a seasonal site. The coverage will be planned in seasons that last a month or two, and they'll be pre-announced, so you can see what's in store. That doesn't mean there won't be stories between seasons, though.

For now, it's the preseason, which means I'm experimenting out in the open. I've still got plenty of features of the site to build, and I'm also way at the beginning of planning Season 1. I'll keep you well informed about upcoming seasons. In the meantime, just subscribe, enjoy, and tell me how you like it.

This publication will be my main thing for the foreseeable future. I'm just building up a head of steam in the preseason, but the plan, as I explained in detail on CMD+SPACE with Myke Hurley, is to crowd-fund the seasons. Season 1 is already shaping up to be a barnburner, but it'll be a few months yet.

I've got other business plans that I think are pretty interesting, too, but they have to be built first, and it will take a while. But I'm not getting distracted by delusions of sustainability. I'm thinking about impermanence. That's the true nature of things, anyway.

I'm using this site to try out my wildest dreams about how publishing on the web can work. If I only get to do a season or two before it's time to move on, I'll consider it a smashing success. Even just in the past three months, I've learned more about what I want to be when I grow up than I did in the rest of my career so far. The whole point is to learn.

And I hope we all learn something. This site is for you, really. I give you The Daily Portal. I hope you enjoy it.