"That's not logical."


Apparently, following the lead of Conan O'Brien, eminent linguist and leader of our culture, a rising movement wants to do away with correct punctuation, putting end marks outside of quotation marks instead of inside. And they call it "logical punctuation."

The Rise of "Logical Punctuation". - Ben Yagoda in Slate

I will resist this idiocratic takeover with every fiber of my being. I don't care if you think it's more logical, a point which is easily debatable. It's not code. We do it the correct way because it scans better. You have to read it. Do you really like the way this looks?

"British people invented the language, so they must be right".

You see that big, empty gap where everything suddenly flips from the bottom to the top? You want to be interrupted by that every time you read? Look at it some more:




Yes, British people are used to this. Fine. Go for it. Use what you're used to. Just don't try to virally spam the language for bad reasons. It's only popular because people who couldn't remember their punctuation rules in middle school are all over the Internet.