Grind Well: Meditations on Meditation

Welcome to Grind Well. It’ll be a daily-ish blog about my daily-ish practice of mindfulness meditation, which I’ve learned from a mixture of Jewish and Buddhist sources and teachers, and which I’ve at least tried to maintain for the latter third of my approximately 31 years of life.

While I’ve written plenty about mindfulness before, I’m launching this project now both to recommit myself to disciplined practice and to explore new dimensions of it.

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The ellipsis...

You think it reads as casual, mellow, "like, whatever, dude... It's all good..."

But actually it reads as an eye roll, impatience mixed with passive aggression, unwillingness to be direct. It sucks to receive an ellipsis. End your sentences, and do so confidently, so people will know what you mean.

“In prose and lyric, especially from someone with a practiced grasp of language, the ellipsis serves a purpose. In emails and text messages, it should be regarded as the fastest way to undermine intent.”

— Evin Wolverton


Sometimes, being a blogger feels like being a caterpillar afraid to enter the cocoon because one can't decide whether to come out as a designer, a developer, or a founder.

The only way out is to remember that the world also needs writers... for something.