Content Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

All I can say is, I take heart in the fact that I was moved to write about “content” on the same day as MG Siegler. If you don’t buy what I had to say, take it from someone who knows eminently what he’s talking about.

Content Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink – 2/12:

The only thing I can offer is the advice to take everything you read in the technology press with a grain of salt. Perhaps several. The likelihood that at least part of it is nonsense is very strong. And stronger by the day.

Death Spiral

Great post from Benjamin Brooks last week that’s inspiring my work on RWW this morning:

Death Spiral – 9/14:

This is a memo to all business owners large and small: pull your heads out of your asses and stop racing to the bottom. You cannot make a sustainable business by selling goods and services at a loss. You must — completely — ignore sales data gained by holding fire sales, that data is irrelevant to your normal operations.

A marketing lesson from the apocalypse

Relevant to yesterday's post and the Twinkie one from three days ago, here's an excellent post from Seth Godin about selling the end of the world.

"Sell a story that some people want to believe. In fact, sell a story they already believe."

— Seth Godin, "A marketing lesson from the apocalypse"