Shabbat Shalom Week 11: I Can’t Even

This is the first time I’ve felt strong resistance to writing a Shabbat message. Religion is not doing well in the media right now. After the horrendous murder of political cartoonists in France, the Internet began to Internet, and now it’s insufferable to me. I only saw one response to the incident that resonated with me:

Meanwhile, the chatter on all sides got increasingly obnoxious, and then the news got worse. Now hostages have been killed in a shootout in a kosher grocery store in Paris, and al Qaeda is threatening more action. Now that Jews are involved, my Facebook scene is melting down, too.

Of course, this is all a sideshow compared to what Boko Haram — a group of murderers who claim to be Muslims — just did in Nigeria, but the media toilet from which I drink is still full of French stuff. In any case, on the global stage, religion is not looking so good.

I did actually find some good religious news today, but Twitter says 0.6% of the people who saw my tweet about it interacted with it in any way. Not good timing, I guess.

All of this Internetting is helping religious terrorists and giving them exactly what they want, so I’m gonna sign off now. What more can I say? Hopefully Shabbat will bring me some inspiration, and I’ll be able to give some kind of useful religious perspective, but right now I don’t have one.

Shabbat shalom,