✈ Row 21


✈ Row 21: Old man, young woman, me
M: "That's what I'm reading on my Kindle!"
YW: "Oh really? Where you at?
OM: "86%!"
J: "Ah, the future."

— Jon Mitchell (@JonMwords) January 8, 2012


✈ Row 21: @alicianjenkins, now tweeting the incident.
J: "Are you doing what I just did?"
A: "Yep!
"J: "They write themselves sometimes."

— Jon Mitchell (@JonMwords) January 8, 2012


Oh the irony. A 70+ man just leaned over, pointed to my paperback and said, "oh I'm reading that book on my kindle" #behindthetimes

— Alicia Jenkins (@aliciaNjenkins) January 8, 2012