Rights of Passage with Jeff and Jon

© 2011 Scott London

© 2011 Scott London

At Burning Man 2011, when the theme was Rights of Passage, Jeff and I walked out to the faraway Otic Oasis on Thursday or Friday to interview each other. He interviewed me first as we sat on the rickety structure for much of the day. I interviewed him later in the day as we walked around the center of the city during an unbelievable sunset.

After more than a year in a cluttered Dropbox folder, I finally dredged out the interviews, stitched them together, and listened to them on a quiet Sunday spent washing clothes and scrubbing the bathroom. It was such a joy to experience them at a distance. They make for a long listen, but in case they're of interest, here they are in their entirety.

Jeff interviews Jon about the web, design, and the future:

Jon interviews Jeff about the arts of the city and the family: