♻ Recent goodies you may have missed.

Something I love about the ReadWriteWeb team is that we’re all contemplative people. We aren’t as hyper as some of the higher-volume sites. We love to sit back and think about the implications of what we’re doing while our coffee steams up our glasses.

As a result, we each get to write some posts that indulge our curiosity and teach us, along with a few readers, about little, hidden aspects of the Web. These posts don’t go viral, usually, but I think we all find them well worth our time. They’re also usually more long-tail kinds of posts, as opposed to daily news — things that are worth reading for a long time to come.

I’ve decided to create a new kind of post on this blog to highlight a few of my favorite recent RWW stories. Look for the recycling symbol (♻). There won’t be any regular timing for these; I’ll just post them when I feel the spirit.

Here are my choices for today:

As always, you can follow my RWW posts from my author page via RSS or just as a bookmark. Thanks for reading, Internet friends.