The New Disruptors: I Want to Teach the World Wide Web To Sing

The Internet’s Glenn Fleishman was gracious enough to interview me on The New Disruptors last week. We talked about the online indie cultural revolution, as one does.

After being Internet friends for a while, Glenn and I met at XOXO, where Glenn is basically the president. That conference is all about making good things independently, rather than staying in the rat race. Glenn has been in that crowd for a long time, whereas it’s pretty new to me. I’ve been cranking on my indie ideas for a few months, but XOXO really opened my mind.

I wrote a post there called “Love Can Save the Media,” which explains my designs on the music business and introduces my new music podcast, The Portal, which I do with my favoritest collaborators. Glenn and I talked about that stuff, but we went way back into my educational background, music and mindfulness, and what it was like for a weirdo like me to be a tech blogger for a few years.

Hope you find it interesting.