Leaving Portland, Moving to Oakland, Living in the Future


I reckon it's time for an update!

ReadWriteWeb is about to become ReadWrite. It will be a big change. We're growing the scope of what we cover. I firmly believe it will be for the better.

ReadWrite is not going to be a "tech blog" anymore. We're just going to write about the future. If that sounds vague, it's because it is. We have much turmoil to go through before we hit our rhythm. We just know we don't want to clog the Internet with pointless tech speculation, breathless start-up stories, and incremental app updates.

Even though the name and site change will happen soon, the shift will be gradual. We have lots of pieces to put into place. Some of those pieces are new people. There will be news on that front soon. I wish I could share it today, but I'd better not. It'll be really, really good, I promise.

As for me, my job remains the same, but my life is about to be profoundly different.

Next week, I'm moving from Portland down to Oakland to become the first ReadWrite reporter on the ground in the Bay Area. I've been flying down more and more often lately, and now it's time to just make the move. We're still a widely distributed team, and that's the fun part. We'll keep it that way. But with our editors operating out of SAY Media HQ in San Francisco, it makes sense for us to start having an in-person news presence there.


Until recently, Portland was sort of our de facto U.S. home, with lots of the current and former crew based here. But managing editor Abraham Hyatt has moved to the Bay since the SAY acquisition, and it looks like I'm next. I've loved living in Portland for the past two years, and I was just starting to feel like a part of its vibrant tech scene. I'm going to miss it here.

Fortunately, ReadWrite will still have a PDX presence, now that Taylor Hatmaker has joined us. She rocks. Klint Finley has also returned to write a few posts a week for the ReadWriteHack channel, and I'm so pleased about that. Since the ReadWrite main site is about to get much broader, Hack will be the dedicated place for the nitty-gritty hacker stories for which we've always been known.

ReadWrite will still have a home in Portland, and I'm sure I'll be back from time to time.


As much as I will miss Rip City, though, I can hardly contain my excitement about moving to the Bay. It's obviously an important place to be for someone who covers tech, but that's far from the only reason I'm moving.

It's the heart of Burning Man culture. I hope my involvement with the Burning Man organization will grow deeper over time. It's an important outlet for me. I block off the 10 days around Burning Man as my chance to go off the grid. I always come back with great stories, so my bosses tend to let me go. I even wrote about it on RWW last year. But the chance to write for the Burning Blog is the creative outlet that makes me the happiest. I want to keep doing it forever.

The Bay Area and points north is also where my own tribe of people is starting to form. For two years now, I've lived a largely virtual life. I moved here with one friend, had a couple more here waiting, but for the most part, I've been interacting with my tribe online. It's been quiet and interesting, but I'm ready for that to be over. I have a ridiculously high concentration of friends in the Bay, and it will be beautiful to be able to spend time with them in the real world. Hopefully, it'll lead me to tweet less.


But I've made some key connections here in Portland, and I'm going to miss those folks. I want to extend a special farewell and thanks to Lynnette and Ken of Neighborhood Notes for welcoming me and letting me help them make stuff. They opened the door for me into the local tech and media scene, and I can't overstate how valuable that was.

And to the rest of the connections I've made in PDX, especially those that feel like they're just starting to form around these "work parties" we've been having at Geoloqi HQ, I'll miss you, but we'll stay in touch. There are great things happening here, and I'm going to love watching from a distance. When you come visit the Bay to raise millions of dollars to help you save the world, let me know you're in town, and when I come back to Portland to cover your world-saving news, we'll make a grand time of it.

My heart is heavy at the thought of finishing this goodbye. I think that's why I'm running on so long. But it's time to go. Thanks to Portland itself. You've been a great home. I've walked through the soles of two pairs of shoes getting to know you, and I've got hundreds of curious little Instagrams by which to remember it. I'm already looking forward to the feeling of coming back to visit. Let's make sure it's soon, okay?

Goodbye, Rose City.

Hey, Bay Area.