Internet Friends 1: How We Met on the Internet

Drew Coffman and I have been internet friends since 2012. It was a whole different internet back then. We just launched a podcast about what’s changed, where it’s going, and what it’s doing to our always-online society.

1: How We Met on the Internet

Drew and Jon’s internet friendship began with this no-longer-extant live video chat… show… thing on April 19, 2012. Internet friendship has changed dramatically since then. In this episode, they trace the histories of their internet selves from the pseudonymity of forums and AIM through their first forays onto social media, the dramatic transformation caused by discovering Twitter, and… *sigh*… what’s happened to the internet since then. They consider the link between creativity and conversation, the place-ness of online places, what happens to society when the town square gets trashed, and the loss of online intimacy everywhere except for podcasts — hence, this podcast.

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