New Gig: Editor of Inside Apple

Tomorrow I start a new gig with as the new editor of the Inside Apple newsletter. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better new-dad gig for myself.

Every weekday, I’ll curate a round-up of the 10 most important and/or interesting items of Apple news in an email you can read in two minutes. seems like a very cool company trying to fix the problems with online news that are inherent to the incentives of the web and social media. Their primary medium is email newsletters — many of them, about anything you can think of — which Inside readers can pick and choose. It’s an advertising and sponsorship-based business model, but since the interest groups are self-selecting and the content is designed for busy readers, it’s all very respectful. Inside’s affinity for email newsletters appeals to me, having spent the past five years doing the Burning Man one, and believe it or not, I miss doing Apple news. So here I go again!

UPDATE 5/1 7:30 AM: For those who would prefer to subscribe via RSS rather than email — and believe me, I sympathize — Nitin Khanna has just turned me onto Kill the Newsletter!, a free tool to receive email newsletters as Atom feeds via a specially generated, unique email address. It works just like the feature built into Feedbin, but it’s free!