Independence Day



You want to talk about politics?

Let's talk about politics.

Democrats are craven scum who can't make one social change without tacking it on to an $80 billion expenditure on endless war. Republicans are sociopaths who only care about their own kind: rich, white, and out of touch with reality. The Tea Party is represented by people who believe that, and I quote: "most African Americans just don't have the motivation or willpower to pull themselves up out of poverty."

Nobody represents us anymore. We can't be throwing around that word "democracy" anymore. This country is ruled by bloody money and coercion. We're just living in it, drinking its petroleum, eating its genetically modified corn byproducts, watching its advertisements on devices built with its lithium and tantalum, and bathing in the blood of its enemies.

Have a thought-provoking Independence Day, fellow citizens.