In Real Life Excerpt #8 — from “Spiritual Practices”

Pundits coined this term “FOMO”—Fear Of Missing Out—to describe that nagging feeling that you’re supposed to be there, wherever there is, just because your social tech makes you feel that way. FOMO has spawned a whole cottage industry of people fighting back against this perceived threat with calls to disconnect, to detox from the tech addiction and try to impose some change in the culture to keep us from feeling this way. Maybe you even thought you were reading that kind of book right now.

But no, I wouldn’t give so much power to the technology itself. We hired it, remember? Not the other way around. We just have to be better managers. We have to make sure the technology is doing the job we hired it for, and we especially have to ensure that it isn’t doing other jobs we don’t want done.

From Chapter 7: “Spiritual Practices”