Have Me on Your Tech Podcast!

This feels slightly gross, but whatever. This is the internet. I’ve been trying to finagle some press in subtler ways, but it hasn’t been working too well, so I’m making a broader, blunter appeal. I do need to juice the techy side of my audience a little bit, it’s true, but mostly I just really love to talk about technology. I listen to tech podcasts during basically every errand and exercise because the conversation about where technology is taking us has guided my entire life. I’d love to talk about it with you.

Hi, remember me? No, probably not. I used to tech blog for ReadWriteWeb, and I ran a parody Twitter account called @NextTechBlog that people thought was pretty funny until clickbait sort of lost its humorous qualities.

My main beat at RWW was What the Hell is Google+-Era Google Doing?, but I also tended to write about more liberal-arts-y stuff in the industry. I covered that Homeless Hotspots thing at SXSW in 2012 (I was even interviewed on BBC Radio about it!), and I started the ReadWrite Pause series about tech overload and how to live in a hyper-connected world.

Since I left the heady world of tech media… well, I haven’t left, actually. I wrote a book called In Real Life: Searching for Connection in High-Tech Times for a major Buddhist publisher and honestly that’s one of the reasons I want to be on your tech podcast. While I was working on that, I was consulting with some of my favorite small software companies, including App.net (ahh, those were the days) and Contrast, makers of beloved iOS apps like Launch Center Pro. I still do a little work for Contrast, in fact, because their apps make me feel like I have superpowers.

These days, though, I’m on the communications team at Burning Man, which you may have heard is a pretty huge part of Silicon Valley culture. (Perhaps you heard that on ReadWriteWeb or literally any other tech publication.) After many years as a volunteer, I came on as a consultant to help them launch their first website redesign in 11 years, and after we shipped that, I became a full-fledged member of the team. In addition to technology itself, I’m happy to talk about Burning Man, what the hell it is, why it was the subject of the first Google Doodle, and why the Google founders, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg like to go there.

How would I fare as a guest on your esteemed podcast, you might ask? An eminently fair question! You can hear for yourself if you’d like, though clearly these appearances were a while ago. I was on episode 35 of CMD+Space with Myke Hurley, a tech podcaster who surely needs no introduction. I was also on episode 45 of The New Disruptors with all-time tweeting champion Glenn Fleishman. I’m also pretty comfortable in the interviewer’s chair, as is hopefully clear from when I interviewed Fortune editor Adam Lashinsky about his book, Inside Apple.

So that’s my tech podcasting CV. My About page will give you more of a sense of what I’m like as a whole person. If you’ve got a podcast for which you think I’d be an interesting fit — or even if you don’t — I welcome you to get in touch.

Thank you for entertaining the thought of letting me entertain your listeners!