Gorgeous Mandalas Made of Sticks, Rocks, Leaves and Such

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Except for a couple selfies, a couple puppies, a couple inspirational quotes, and an overflowing plethora of hashtags, @creativeemancipator is like no other Instagram account I’ve ever seen. This guy makes beautiful mandalas out of found natural objects, fusing nature’s order and human order. It’s art that feels like a clever animal did it, which is true, and it’s true of all art, but very little art feels like that.

I’m sure there are some amazing, longstanding traditions around the world of making art like this, and I’d love to be educated about them in the comments. In the meantime, I’m just happy to see something like this popping up in the U.S. May there be much more of it!

And as for Instagram, I’m all for that, too. My usual pleas for mindfulness still apply, but I think this is a great way to make such art known to the world. For one thing, if you make it with a Leave No Trace ethic, Instagram will still let you put the memory of the piece on a map of the spot for all time. And if you’re leaving such a treasure somewhere, Instagram’s Photo Map will enable curious voyagers to come find it.

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A photo posted by Day Schildkret (@creativeemancipator) on

The creator’s name is Day Schildkret. He’s a mentor as well as an artist, that much I’ve gathered.

I have no idea how I found him on Instagram, but I’m glad I did.

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