Good to Know

This is a little self-serving, but Shawn Blanc linked to my post about helpful Web automation tool ifttt from last week, and I want to return the favor. Shawn’s main site, as well as his fun side-blog Tools & Toys, are daily RSS musts for me, and his B&B Podcast with Ben Brooks and Creatiplicity with Chris Bowler are weekly listens. Thanks for the link, Shawn!

For the record, I’d never take the time to do it, either, but it was fun to learn how.

Good to Know: ifttt is Pronounced “Ift” (Like “Gift”, But With No G) – 9/21:

If you’re still discovering ifttt, Jon Mitchell has a nice writeup at Read Write Web about how to use it to pretty much automate the backing up of your entire online life. I don’t think I would ever take the time or energy to go this far with the service (I’m anti-digital-packratiness), but this does give a nice idea of just how powerful and versatile ifttt already is.