Going Off Comm at Burning Man Project

After nine years on the Comm Team and 11 years of Burning Man, I’m stepping down from my role with Burning Man Project. My last day is March 1. My family is going through major transitions right now; my wife’s about to become a rabbi, and our daughter is learning to roll over, so it feels like I should make a big transition, too.

I’m flinging the doors back open at Ablaze Interactions and seeking client work again. My time inside of Burning Man Project has taught me an incredible amount about how to solve communication and technology problems for large and mission-driven organizations. I’m ready to get back to working with different kinds of clients all the time. That’s what I was doing before Burning Man Project convinced me to go corporate.

Being Burning Man’s publisher has been my literal dream job. Like, I’ve continued to do it in my dreams maybe two out of every three nights. Burning Man has meant a whole lot to me for the past third of my life, but my center of gravity has shifted. I want work to be an extension of my home and family, not a whole separate realm of existence. I’m excited for the future of Ablaze.co, and my plan for that future is focused on taking care of my family.

Besides, Ariel is going to have her hands full trying to lead American Jews out of the wilderness we’re in. It’s time for me to take a supporting role, and one way I’ll do that is by working with a few great clients a year.

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