GigaLaw Redesign

I built my first law firm website for Doug Isenberg of GigaLaw, an Atlanta attorney who specializes in domain names, copyright, and other online branding issues.

Doug found me in the footer of the Ossoff campaign website, so I knew working together would be a good idea.

Of course, with the Ossoff influence, it only made sense to bring in Dustin Chambers to do Doug’s new headshots. Working with childhood friends is definitely among the coolest parts of adulthood so far.

It was a significant migration, moving a site with three blog feeds and over 13,000 posts from a remotely hosted WordPress instance into Squarespace. On the whole, it went really smoothly. Like, I can’t believe how smoothly. The only part that posed a problem was that the WordPress version of the site didn't include the names of the three different blogs in the post URLs, so redirects were necessary. Generating the list of redirects was easy. Unfortunately, Squarespace has a 400kb limit on the file size of the redirect table you can provide them. At press time, they haven't yet made an exception for us, so redirects for old links to his 11-year-old Daily News blog don't go all the way back to the beginning. We're looking into alternative solutions.

That aside, the fact that Squarespace imported 13,000+ blog posts from WordPress without a hiccup was really damned impressive. For anyone who’s tired of the fiddliness and insecurity of WordPress and doesn’t need the flexibility, I can unhesitatingly recommend migrating to Squarespace.

Doug also took this opportunity to move from his old domain at GigaLaw․com to the extremely sweet domain, Giga.Law. It was fun to work with a client as geeky about domain names as I am (and way more knowledgeable about them in the eyes of the law). I find his whole line of work fascinating, and if I ever get into a branding jam, I know who to call.

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