Eject All Disks: A Free, One-Click Mac App

Do you find ejecting disks from a Mac to be slightly more annoying than it has to be? I do. Clicking and dragging is annoying, pop-up messages are annoying, ejecting one disk with multiple partitions is annoying. For those of us who always work from a laptop and often have to move it around, this grinds us down a just a teensy bit more each day.

So I made an app. It totally counts, even though it's written in AppleScript.

Yes, this is the Yosemite system icon.

Yes, this is the Yosemite system icon.

It's called Eject All Disks. I put it in my Dock, right next to Finder and System Preferences. When you click the icon (or type E-J into Spotlight and hit Return), it instantly and safely ejects all mounted disks without pop-ups or warnings. Ahh. Sweet relief.

Click Here to Download Eject All Disks for Mac

I tried a few ways to make this work, and this is the one that seemed the most foolproof. I assure you that this application is quite safe to use. Here's all it does:

tell application "Finder"
    set bootDisk to name of startup disk
    set otherDisks to every disk whose (name is not bootDisk)
    repeat with myDisk in otherDisks
            eject myDisk
        end try
    end repeat
end tell