Burning Man Comms Presenting at ComNet18 in San Francisco

Dominique “Yung Manager” Debucquoy-Dodley and I will be presenting at ComNet18, “the communications conference of consequence,” in San Francisco sometime between October 10 and 12, 2018. Our session is entitled, “Empower Your Audience by Handing Them the Mic”:

Over the last 30 years, the Burning Man community has evolved in countless ways. The people who are actively engaged and invested in its global culture are often the ones best equipped to talk, write about, and document it. Three decades of changing, user-generated culture have taught us that sometimes the most caring and effective role we can play as communicators is that of facilitators. In this session, we will explore how creating platforms for our audiences to tell their own stories not only empowers individual voices, it also creates a stronger sense of community and helps us stay connected to the trends we may not otherwise know about.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of listening to and learning from your audiences (as opposed to speaking at them).
  • How to create channels for community-inspired content and conversations.
  • How giving our audiences room to tell their stories is sometimes more powerful than communicating our messages through traditional, top-down channels.