Burning Blog!

This week, I posted a story on Intersect from Burning Man 2008 called "The American Dream" (which I also cross-posted here). Thanks to my tactical barrage on social media, as well as Intersect's enthusiastic support, for which I can't thank them enough, Burning Man central picked up on the story and shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

Encouraged by this realization of a major life goal, I went ahead and posted the rest of my Burning Man 2008 storyline on Intersect. Well, yesterday, Will Chase, Burning Man's High Priest of Propaganda, contacted me and asked me to blog twice a month for the official Burning Blog! I am going to be an official voice of the Burning Man festival. Nice one, universe.

Here's my Intersect story about getting Will Chase's emails and becoming a Burning Blogger.

When Intersect staff writer/my new best friend Mónica Guzmán found out that their platform had landed me this little gig, she told the other burners at Intersect and made a story out of it, as well.

So, keep a lookout for me on blog.burningman.com. I plan to get started pretty soon. I'll cross-post everything here at ¡Eia!, of course.