Aboard the Crystal Ship


Midnight aboard the Crystal Ship. We jam like the world forgot how to dance, and we're the only ones who remember the steps. We throw down to show them how again. Like it's our responsibility.

It is. They don't know how to do it like we do. They have awkward steps. They ain't got that fractal geometry. They can't change the colors of their crystals at will like we can.

I'm makin that spit face like somebody just puked up a dinosaur bone.


CULTURE is a careless description of what's happening most of the time. When it isn't intentional, it's just a pageant of internalized values. When it is a meant gesture, it is a reflection of highest ideals, not true selves.


Out here, though, we've got something. It's low (low), it's base (bass), but it's beautiful, and we're all in on the joke while everyone else laughs.


Photos 1-3 by Josh Adler, theother1percent.org. Photo 4 by Mischa Steiner.