Ablaze Interactions

My    Octopress    sticker. The site generator powering    The Daily Portal    is derived from    Octopress   .

My Octopress sticker. The site generator powering The Daily Portal is derived from Octopress.

“A lumber company sees their waste. They can’t ignore their sawdust. But we don’t see ours.”

— Jason Fried, Sell Your By-products

Ablaze Interactions is open for business.

I’m now available for contract work. I can help with writing copy, audio content, planning and designing your website, or any other task a writer, musician, and former tech journalist can help you do to reach your people online.

I want to work with makers. I’d love to help writers build the publications of their dreams, like I did. I want to do the same for musicians. There’s so much the web can do for music than hasn’t been explored yet.

And as much as I loved working across the table from app developers during my time as a tech blogger, now we can work side by side. I love iOS apps. I love explaining them and showing them off. I’ve already started working with one of my favorite developers on an upcoming launch, and I’d be thrilled to do more iOS work.

The footer of The Daily Portal reads “2013 / An Ablaze Interaction.” It was my first design. I had a dream of my perfect publication, and — with the help of my friends — I built it. I’m going to keep building it and writing on it, probably forever.

I want to keep practicing all my crafts, putting the results on the web, and helping cultures form. As I get better at solving my own creative problems, I’ll be able to do the same for others. I can help them put their own ideas online, so they can interact with the whole world. And I think that will help us all make a living.

That’s the mission of Ablaze Interactions.

The Ablaze.co site is an octagon, which is an abstract representation of the octopus. That’s my spirit animal, in case you didn’t know. The octopus, of course, has eight arms, which I think would be very handy. I, at least, have eight skills I can use to help my customers.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’m not going to boast about those skills until I have something to show for them. So for now, only the publication and the agency are shown, and you’ll see a hint about what’s coming up next. As I build more examples of what I can do, I’ll fill out the octagon.

If you want to work together, enter the big portal in the middle of Ablaze.co, and you can send me a message. You can follow Ablaze Interactions on App.net, Facebook, and Twitter.