24 Hours at the Temple of Juno


I'm proud to announce the completion of 24 Hours At The Temple Of Juno, my first work of long-form journalism.

It was a collaboration with my roommate Sarah, who came up with the idea. We stayed at the Temple at Burning Man for 24 hours straight and documented everything we saw. It was a crazy thing to do, but we did it, and we dealt with the consequences. Then we put out a call for submissions, and we added three tales from others who were there at the same time. The story that resulted is pretty wild.

You can read it on TempleStories.com (with great, mostly original photos), and/or listen to it as a SoundCloud podcast. It's fun to read along with the audio, but you can also take the story with you and listen on the go.

This is also just the beginning of a longer project about the role of temples in our cities and lives. We'll be publishing more stories by ourselves, others, and hopefully you, about temple experiences — not just at Burning Man, but anywhere. You can read more about that on the Temple Stories blog.

I hope you like the story.

A thousand thanks to Rod Hoekstra for the photo.