2010 Was Ablaze!

On The Value Of A Piece Of Paper

Welcome to a new year of Everything is ablaze! According to the handy year-end report WordPress sent me, approximately four Boeing 747s full of people read ¡Eia! this year. As someone used to repeatedly finding out, after pressing them, that my own parents didn't read my blog posts, that sounds like a pretty good year to me. My most popular post this year was "On The Value Of A Piece Of Paper" my essay about college, jobs, Millennials, and the Boomers who raised us.

Of course, my biggest blogging news happened elsewhere, as I was asked by the High Priest of Propaganda to blog for Burning Man. Check out my Burning Man category on ¡Eia! for a complete listing of my Burning Man posts, including "The American Dream," my BM08 story on Intersect that got me noticed by Burning Man, and a special tirade deemed unfit for publication on official channels.

Since I have the pleasure of contributing to other blogs, I will continue to cross-post everything on ¡Eia!, so you'll never miss a beat if you follow me here.

If you don't have the attention span to read long things, and believe me, I know how you feel, follow me on Twitter @JonMwords. I tweet politely, RT interesting things, and it's a great way to know when I've published something.

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