Why I’m an (Almost) Everyday Apple Watch Wearer

Why I’m an (Almost) Everyday Apple Watch Wearer

I have the original 42mm Apple Watch Sport in space gray. I wear it every day except Shabbat and absolutely love it. I get tons of questions about whether I like it and how I use it from people who see me wearing it. I also read a fair amount of skepticism about Apple Watch, particularly in the iOS developer world, so I want to describe my usage of it and make a case for why it’s a uniquely powerful new form of computer for enhancing daily life.

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Wisdom Has Costs

You know what? I fucked up. I told her, “Don’t worry about your bike.” I honestly thought we’d be able to keep our eye on it. But come on, brother. It was the middle of nowhere out there, and I know better.

Still, seriously, what the fuck, right? Don’t take the material advice of some dust-wizard in the dark of night.

Hold up. Let me begin at the beginning.

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