In Real Life: Blog Out Now, Book Coming Soon

Today I'm launching In Real Life, the website for the upcoming book I mentioned earlier this year. It's a tech blog I'll be updating once a day or so, so you might like to subscribe. There's some info about the book there now, and I'll provide updates regularly. The mailling list there is the same one as here, so if you're already receiving the Portalkeeper's log, you're all set.

Okee-dokee. Back to the Reading Year ;).

Two New Interviews

I've done a couple more interviews since the launch of The Daily Portal, and they both turned out pretty well. I joined Alex Arena on his 15 Minutes With... podcast to talk about my plans for the site. I also did an article-length interview with Micah Singleton for the relaunch of Current Editorials, where I got a chance to talk more generally about where web publishing is going.