A comprehensive list of all the media experiments I've tried. Some of these went great! Some of them didn't work out. Some won't work out eventually. Oh well! I learned something.


My debut record, released 2/25/14. Produced by Kirk Benttinen.

The Portal

A podcast for music lovers with my favorite collaborators, Kirk Benttinen and Rebecca Marcyes.

The Daily Portal

Stories about the future we're making and what it's doing to us. A cosmos journalism experiment. 



A Twitter feed of fake tech blog headlines I created out of frustration that took on a life of its own. Listen to my interview with Myke Hurley on CMD+SPACE for the full story.

Temple Stories

24 Hours At The Temple Of Juno, a long-form Burning Man story I wrote with Sarah Russo, and a blog full of contributed stories about temples of all kinds.

The Dock Podcast

A show about what we do with our devices and how we do it, which I did with Jamie Young, editor-in-chief of AppAdvice. Ended August 5, 2012.


A 7-part self-diagnostic song cycle I wrote and recorded as my senior project in college.