Keeping the Portal

This year at Burning Man, I figured out what I want to be when I grow up. My dream job was just there waiting for me. No one was doing it, so I did it. I climbed up into the 12:21 Turquoise Portal, and I became the Portal Keeper.

Photo of Harlan Emil Gruber by Jasmin Zorlu

Photo of Harlan Emil Gruber by Jasmin Zorlu

A man named Harlan Emil Gruber brings portals to Burning Man and other such evolutionary gatherings of people. Each year's portal is placed at an auspicious location on Black Rock City's clock face. It's given a color and gemstone, and it's shaped with sacred geometry. The whole portal resonates at the super-low frequency emitted by the Quasar Wave Transducer built into the heart of it.

The portals are designed to bring our minds and bodies in tune with the planet we're on and the galaxy we're in. When you climb into the portal and harmonize with the waves, you can feel it working on every nerve in your body.

I sought out the portal this year after my first couple of days at Burning Man played eerily out of tune. I didn't realize when I left camp that I was walking toward the rest of my life.